ANTS CLUB Whitepaper


The anthill is ready to welcome you !
The Ants Club, anchored on the MultiverseX blockchain, transcends the simple collection of NFTs. It's much more than a project; it's a dynamic community united by a passion for NFTs. Its goal? To unite blockchain collectors and the various MultiverseX collections around AntsGame, a revolutionary NFT collecting game.
In AntsGame, the mechanics are simple: holding NFTs from the collection in your wallet opens the doors to the game.
AntsGame is more than just a game; it's an experience where the community gathers, exchanges and engages in exciting competition. Ants Club and AntsGame invite you to explore this unique universe, where every NFT has an important place. Ready to join the colony?
The art of mixing development, investment and gaming is born ! Now it's your turn to play!
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